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All Accounts Fair and True: North Korea, Anne Frank, and COD: MW3

Bear with me for a bit while I get to video games. We need a little context here. I remember watching a prime time news show back in 2004 where “well trained” Korean teens exclaimed that the Americans were Nazis, GW Bush was Hitler, and that America must be destroyed to bring about world peace. […]


Not Serious Games, but Taking Games Seriously: Bioware Steps Up the Diversity?

As educators we talk about Serious Games, And it’s no small secret that I am not a fan of the serios game. Rather than creating small and less engaging games that focus on specific comment why can’t we just use commercial off the shelf games and look for the larger issues in there and use […]


Episode 24 : I’ve Got A Dragon on My Back: With RPGs the First One is Free

Episode 24 : I’ve Got A Dragon on My Back: With RPGs the First One is Free (“Save As” to download or head over to iTunes to subscribe)   This week we talk about our RPG time capsule. We are joined by our guest co-host, Charlotte Hyde for a great discussion. Links of Note: 4.5 […]

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Do video games influence social constructions in meat space?

Well, yes. I’ve argued again and again that gender, race, class, and all sorts of social constructions can be influenced by the way those things are depicted in entertainment media like video games. But, I’m a hypocrite. I would also argue against anyone who claims that violence in video games makes kids more violent. In […]